Changelog #

A summarization of changes to the API definitions can be found below. Note that the rest of our documentation is primarily written with the latest API version in mind.

The API version to be used for a request is specified in the URL itself, as can be seen in the API Reference. For example, to make a request to the Blicker reading endpoint with API version 2020-10-01, a request must be made to the /blicker/2020-10-01 endpoint.

Older versions of the API are maintained indefinitely, but this may change in the future. Users are always encouraged to update to the latest version of the API as soon as possible. Furthermore, when users use both the Blicker reading endpoint and the Blicker feedback endpoint, they should use the same API version for both endpoints.

Our policy with regards to updating the API version is to only and always update the API version when there has been a change to the endpoints, or the formats of said endpoints. For example, addition or removal of endpoints, or changes to the request format and response format of existing endpoints will result in a new API version. Internal changes to the Blicker services and changes to our Machine Learning models will not results in a new API version.

2020-10-01 #

New features #

  • Added Blicker feedback endpoint
    This release marks the introduction of the Blicker feedback endpoint. This endpoint allows users to provide feedback on incorrect readings, or to add additional tags to request which allow for later visual inspection in the Blicker portal.
  • Added tags
    The Blicker reading endpoint now accepts tags as request parameters. This may be filled by a list of arbitrary tags. These tags will be returned in the response as well. Within the Blicker portal, you can filter requests based on such tags.
  • Value correction based on range request parameter
    When the request parameters include expected display ranges or expected serialNumbers, the returned display or serial number values may be corrected based on these expectations. However, the value that Blicker had originally read will still be returned as a separate property, which is the valueBeforeCorrection.

Minor API changes #

  • Meter objects includes index
    Just as the display, serialNumber and barcode objects in the response of the Blicker reading endpoint, the meter object now also includes an index as property for uniformity.
  • Added valueBeforeCorrection to objects
    All display, serialNumber and barcode objects in the response of the Blicker reading endpoint now contain the valueBeforeCorrection property. This property holds the value as read out by Blicker before any possibly corrections applied based on the expected serial numbers or display ranges as provided in the request parameters.

2020-05-01 #

Minor API changes #

  • Added GPS and datetime validation
    For the Blicker reading endpoint, the request parameters GPSLocation and datetime may now be provided. These may contain the date and location (ranges) at which the image is expected to be shot. when provided, these values are returned in the response as well as expectedGPSLocation and expectedDatetime. When the location or date could not be corectly validated, this will be returned as a message in the response.

2020-02-01 #

This is the initial release of the Blicker API. However, our services were available before this release via a legacy API which is now no longer available.

New features #

  • Added Blicker reading endpoint
    This release marks the introduction of the Blicker reading endpoint and all of its core functionality.

  • Added Blicker alive endpoint
    This release also includes the addition of the /alive endpoint. This endpoint can be periodically queried to check whether the API is available. Note that we also provide the current status of Blicker services at