Introduction #

This documentation provides technical documentation for Blicker. For general information about Blicker and ways to contact us, please visit

The current page provides only a brief introduction to Blicker.
Please visit our Quick Start Guide for a first, hands-on experience with Blicker.
The documentation furthermore includes an API Reference detailing the exact API endpoints available, including concise descriptions of their expected request parameters and responses. More detailed explanations on these request parameters and responses fields can be found in the API Guide.

What is Blicker? #

Blicker is a SaaS solution for reading out images of any kind of utility meter in any condition, using the power of artificial intelligence. Blicker is aimed to be used by utility companies and any other organization that wants to facilitate an accurate, modern, and easy-to-use way for their customers or employees to register meter readings.

Blicker consists of three components:

  1. The Blicker reading endpoint is the main API endpoint that can be used to read out relevant information in an image of a utility meter.
  2. The Blicker feedback endpoint is an API endpoint that can be used when an end-user disagrees with Blicker’s provided readings. This feedback can be sent back to us via the feedback endpoint. These corrections are also shown in the Blicker portal, such that they can be verified manually.
  3. The Blicker portal is a web-based portal in which all processed meters are aggregated. This portal provides an easy way to search and validate meter readings for your back office.

Please refer to our Quick Start Guide to get introduced to, and familiar with all three components.